It's not so bad..

Yes as i said. When i was with the japanese guy, we were talking about stuff on languagues, just a simple talk, but sometimes we like to have some inspirations, with that help, we started to speak on almost three languagues, i need to be considerate with myself, sorry but i'm a llitle bit more qualified dude. Anyways, he said something about some pain on the head, a kind of headache, that happened on him when he tries to change he's thoughts.

The answer was a great point of view, because those problems, i mean headaches, didn't pass on me, i'd switch without problem, so i thought, mmm maybe the "pain" is just a word that implies some refusement right? so if we could have the possibility of thinking that the word "pain" doesn't have a negative charge, just accepted as part of the living, someone could even say that giving a birth is painfull, so i can see that negative part, and instend of refuse it, accept it, but we must have to be honest with ourselves, "its not so bad, could be worst".

The argument might be right or wrong, but by showing the reality as a code, simbols, words, etc, we can be sure that there is something behind and breakable in our life and world. Make the code part of you and enjoy the silence.

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